ZincNet Animation

ZincNet asked us to produce an animation to highlight the key features of their fabulous online product.

Having developed a comprehensive online employee and client engagement tool, ZincNet commissioned Identity Studio to create a ‘friendly’, promotional video extolling its virtues. The brief was to show the features and benefits of ZincNet in an easy-to-follow, concise way – using animation techniques and within 3 minutes!

After examining the existing information about their product, and sampling it for ourselves, we set about drafting a script and creating a storyboard. Once this was approved, Identity Studio hired our favourite illustrator Jamie Gibson, to create some initial characters using our storyboard as a base. Local musician Charlie Lockwood kindly composed the score and recorded it to our specifications, after we sampled three initial styles for our client to sign off. We tested our finished script for readability and timings, then selected a suitable voiceover actor.

Meanwhile, our Creative Director Kelvin Sprague pulled all these elements together and set to work on bringing this superb whiteboard animation to life. We just loved this project!


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