Detica Graduate Print Campaign

Building on the success of their pizza nights, Detica wanted an informative printed promotional piece that would stand out enough to attract students to their Graduate Trainee Programme

The pack was sealed with low tack stickers denoting the size of the t-shirt inside.

Some boxes were to be mailed so the outside of the box was devoid of branding to entice the graduate to discover who it was from.

The box opened up to reveal a leaflet wrapped with a cigar band.

The leaflet folded out to detail Detica's services and how graduate trainees could experience from them.

The reverse had stories from employees who were already on the Detica graduate programme.

The pack contained t-shirts that students could wear at the graduate recruitment show, increasing Detica's visibility at the event.

T-shirts were also designed to be worn after the event around campus or at home.

Inspired by the success of their student pizza nights, Detica Electronic Systems Group (ESG) wanted to expand their graduate enrolment drive into recruitment fairs. A simple brochure just wasn’t going to cut it with this discerning student audience so when Detica’s marketing agency approached Identity Studio, we set out to create something a little more inspiring.

Our idea was to design a printed promotional piece that would create a visible buzz at the fairs and help spread the word about Detica ESG back on campus. The item also had to be mailable to send to a distribution list and just in case the recruitment fairs didn’t have enough storage space.

Let’s face it, students love a freebie (who doesn’t?) so targeting them with a cool t-shirt seemed a good way to go. But there was also the need to get a serious message across about the graduate opportunities available at Detica ESG so we created a funky-looking z-fold card. For an extra touch of designer-class, we added extra thick card covers and then wrapped it all in a cigar band, creating a desirable printed piece.

To guarantee that no other blue-chip competitors would have anything like this, we encased both these items in a beautifully-crafted cardboard box that carried questions about the students’ abilities. No other branding featured on the exterior so the tease would lead to a surprise on opening.


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