Challenger Branding

Careful adaptation and regular consultation was needed to adapt European media from existing American guidelines.

Directing photography in Europe helped to establish the brand outside North America

Campaign briefing documents were produced to ensure local implementation was on-brand

Challenger branding adapted for economic multilingual printing

Photography was replaced machinery working in European surroundings

It was important to build on the success of the figurehead tracked tractors

Challenger brochure content was adapted to suit the European market

Already established in the larger North American market, AGCO was keen to introduce its Challenger product range into Central and Eastern Europe. Taking the styling created by Challenger’s North American HQ, our brief was to adapt and apply this branding to make it work economically across all literature and advertising in the demanding, multilingual European markets.

Careful consultation with the North American stake holders was key to the success of this project – ensuring that the branding was not compromised. However, to be accepted in Europe, it was important that the material was not seen to be too ‘Americanised’. So we set about ‘localising’ the content, art directing photography in Germany and using terminology that would be understood in Europe.

We produced campaign briefing documents and templates, ensuring that any advertising could be implemented on-brand at a local level in the developing markets.


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